Freezer Not Working? The Best Way to Repair a Broken Freezer This Summer

Freezer Not Working? The Best Way to Repair a Broken Freezer This Summer

May 31, 2017

The Advantages of Ice Cold Freezers

If you've ever sweltered through a blistering summer heat wave, you'll appreciate the comfort provided by a well-functioning freezer. Whether attached to a refrigerator, or used as a standalone cold storage appliance, these units supply welcome relief during the hottest months of the year. Today, across the United States, households and businesses rely upon chill freezers to store food and ice cubes for extended periods of time safely.

If your freezer displays signs of mechanical problems or stops working completely, then seeking prompt well-qualified freezer repair typically represents the best course of action. Call Appliance Services for fast, highly skilled assistance. We service most makes and models. Our techs will help your household regain all the benefits of an icy cold storage appliance.

The Advantages of Regular Freezer Maintenance

Today, many Americans fail to realize the invention of effective residential freezers occurred comparatively recently. Throughout the long course of human history, most societies struggled to find ways to preserve foods and beverages for extended periods of time. For example, households during the 1800s often relied on large underground storage pantries or "root cellars" to help keep provisions under fairly constant temperature conditions. The use of a freezer during that bygone era would have impressed most people as a remarkable luxury.

Technology today allows consumers to freeze foods for months at a time very easily. Yet even high tech freezer units do require regular appliance maintenance to help maintain components in good working condition. Experts recommend homeowners perform several tasks on a routine basis.(1) Performing these assignments at intervals will help you enjoy maximum utility from a freezer:

  • Clean the interior of the freezer periodically to eliminate food odors and spills;

  • Check the integrity of the vacuum seal on the door;

  • Verify the freezer still reaches designated temperatures on demand;

  • Vacuum around the exterior of the freezer to reduce dust particles entering the condenser coils;

  • Wipe the exterior with a clean cloth to remove dust and spills.

Obtaining Reliable Freezer Repair

If you do notice a potential problem developing with your freezer while performing routine appliance maintenance, it makes sense to schedule an appointment with Appliance Services promptly. A technician can inspect your unit and provide necessary maintenance or repair services. Taking this simple step often prevents minor mechanical problems from developing into major concerns.

For instance, many factors contribute to a freezer gradually losing cooling efficiency. Freezer malfunctions can contribute to food safety concerns.(2) If you notice your unit requires a longer period of time to reach a designated temperature, for instance, you can contact Appliance Services to diagnose the cause. By proactively addressing the issue, you'll ensure you continue to enjoy ice cold, seamless freezing capabilities even during a blazing hot summer!

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