There is still water in my dishwasher!

There is still water in my dishwasher!

May 24, 2017

If you are standing over your dishwasher and are seeing water in the bottom of it, you are probably saying to yourself, here we go again, another bunch of water to sop up with a rag, sponge or dish towel. You would much rather see it drain away on its own without all the extra hassle of constantly trying to alleviate it, and that doesn't include all the calcification on the bottom of the washer.

There are a number of possible reasons for standing water in the bottom of a dishwasher. The problems could be related to the drain basket and sump, the drain hose, the pump, the float assembly, the motor and timer, or even the garbage disposal, if you have one.

So, do you really want to deal with all these possibilities? Even with all that might be wrong, you could be thinking, hey, that's easy to fix; the drain is not clogged, so it has to be something else. I know I can tackle this myself, and I'll just jiggle this part here or replace that part there and stop this drainage mess.

The problems with playing "Mr. or Mrs. fix-it" concerning your machine are the different steps that should be followed to determine what's wrong, which can take lots of time, effort and know-how. If you have done little to no maintenance on it yourself, you may spend countless hours searching for one small basic problem or even more time on a complicated issue.

You would have to initiate the repair with making sure you are safe from any kind of electrical interference or "shocking" surprises, which means turning off the power, pulling fuses or switching off the circuit breakers. Then you would continue with unplugging the machine, possibly pulling it out from under a cabinet, dismantling it, pulling panels, lifting pump impellers and maybe interfacing with the garbage disposal. None of this is fun and can be exasperating if you can't find the problem, so you just might have to call in an expert to help you locate the drainage dilemma.

Well, you can attempt some of the above, but you are probably better off calling Appliance Services and getting their input as to what could be wrong. It's advisable to not fix an appliance malfunction without some advice. You do not fix anything without input from experts that have hands on experience with appliance issues.

The experts at Appliance Services can usually find an easy to fix solution to just about anything, and they may simply replace the part that affects the drainage. The machine is likely not clogged, so the solutions could be many and varied, or just something as uncomplicated as straightening a kinked drain hose or a more crucial situation that requires replacing a dead motor.

So, instead of beating yourself up and trying to guess what is wrong with your dishwasher's drainage, do not fix the thing on your own. Contact the experts at Appliance Services and let them help you figure out how to stop your drainage problem and rid your machine of that puddle of H20.

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