Why is there no water in my dishwasher?

Why is there no water in my dishwasher?

May 11, 2017

A dishwasher is a blessing for the larger families who have piles of dishes after a meal. They save time by doing a chore that most people dread to do. You never realize how important it is until it is not working anymore. You load it and turn it on; only to find that it is not working. Do not attempt any repairs to fix it. Leave it to the professionals at Appliance Services to fix it and fix it right.

So what could be the cause of why it is not working? There are a couple types of dishwashers. One is an under the counter version and the other is a stand-alone type which connects to the faucet in the sink. If you are using a stand-alone version, make sure the electrical plug is in a working outlet. Does the hose connect to the faucet?

Try closing the door and make sure the latch clicks. If the latch responds properly, there could be a faulty door latch. Choose the correct operation button on the panel. It is easy to select the wrong setting. Check the incoming water line, is the valve open? A previous line repair, located elsewhere in the house might be the location of where the valve needs opened again.

If you have checked the basics and you still have no luck getting it to work, do not worry. The Appliance Services technicians are professionals who know what to look for when diagnosing a problem. Most problems are an easy fix. They have the tools and the knowledge to repair and replace many parts.

Clogged hoses are always a possibility due to sediment from water heaters, especially older heaters, building up within the hoses over the years resulting in a clog. Damage to hoses is usually from age and few people inspect them on a regular basis. Over time, tiny particles of rotted hose material or the rusting of metal connectors can contribute to hose issues.

Mechanical issues, which are easy fix or replace by the company professionals, range from a stuck valve, which does not allow water to enter into the dishwasher, to a stuck float, which makes the dishwasher level gauge read that it is already full.

Whether it is something as common as a plugged screen or a clogged hose to a mechanical failure repair that requires a technician, they are here to help. Ask our qualified professional technicians questions about repairs. We take pride in helping our customers and strive for excellent customer satisfaction. Appliance Services is not just a company – We are THE company to get it done right the first time.

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