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Everyone wants to be a trendsetter. Technology in your home is the newest trend in electronics and Appliance Services wants to help you get the most of your new technology to help you be cool and enjoy a convenient integrated home system. It is now possible from a smartphone to turn on the lights in your home, control temperature, and open the garage, and control your entertainment. These conveniences are possible through installing smart hubs and controllers in your place of residence. However, these devices can be complicated to use and syncing all of your home devices together can be difficult. Therefore, we at Appliance Services want to help you install, maintain, and repair your smart home hubs and controllers to give you an optimal experience with your new technology.

First, installing a smart hub in your home requires an optimal location. We can help you find the best location in your home so your hub can connect all your devices. This can take some work because of different room layouts and the amount of devices you have. It is also important that the hub has the speaker in range if it has voice command. With an average range of 50 feet, smart hubs are able to extend a decent range, but careful planning can help you get the most of your integrated smart hub. In addition, Appliance Services can help you select the right smart hub to fit your room layout and unique furniture arrangements.

Second, Appliance Services can maintain your smart hub system. All electronics require software updates and we can help you make sure your house is not hacked. It would be inconvenient if your neighbors turned off your lights or repeatedly opened and closed your garage because they got into your home system. A particular danger is with smart locks as people can access your home that is why it helps to have our service team help get you the right software to protect against those who might wish to break into your home.

Finally, Appliance Services is able to repair your smart hubs and controllers if they are in need of repair. Because smart hubs and controllers are newer technology there are often hardware issues such as overheating or the Bluetooth not properly receiving the information needed to stay connected. We can help fix these issues or help you reconnect your devices if they happen to be unable to connect. Convenience is the most important part of having smart home technology and when inconveniences happen, then you need a reliable company to help with your problems. Feel free to call Appliance Services with any question or problem you might have with your smart hubs and controllers.

Smart Hub technology is a great way to integrate all of the features of your home. Our comprehensive knowledge of installing, maintaining, and repairing your smart hub system will help you as you traverse the newest technological trend. Let us help you be the trendsetter in your community.

Smart hubs & controllers