We install, repair and maintain washing machines

If the washing machine is broken or some part needs a repair, then it is the right time to call a professional to do the job. You can't take the responsibility of repairing the machine by yourself if you don't know where the problem is. Appliance Services is one of the companies that offers assistance in this stuff and will gladly help you in your issues. They repair home appliances, outdoor power equipment, replacement of parts and everything about appliances and their parts. You can get their services immediately and be a satisfied customer.

What can go wrong with your washing machine?

  • Everything, from noisiness, to leaking and not even starting. These issues need to be treated in time and you need to ask for the professional help.
  • If the washing machine is too much noisy then you need to determine the type of noise it makes and if it comes from the pump motor or from the belt or the tub bearings. The most frequent causes for this issue are the tub seal or the bearing kit that are in the middle of the outer tub and need to be kept spinning smoothly. If the noise is during the spin cycle then the tub seal is affected. The best option would be to replace the tub bearing and disassemble the washer.
  • Another cause for this can be if the rear drum and the bearing are affected. In order to keep the inner tub to spin appropriately, the bearing need to be separated from the rear drum, and this can be done if the bearing and the outer drum are assembled suitably.

What you can do if the washing machine won't spin?

  • You can either ask for a professional help or try to figure out the problem by yourself. If the machine is not spinning then the cause might be the motor coupling. Since the motor coupling is connected to the transmission of the washer, when it is overloaded it can fail to protect the transmission. It can also fail to a normal load of clothes. Inspect the motor and decide whether it needs replacement or not.
  • Another reason for not spinning is the drive belt. You can see if it is loosen or broken and decide to replace it. It can be mounted on the outer tub and keeps the inner tub to spin normally. Replacing the bearing and the outer tub would be the best option.

What is the problem with the leaking water?

  • The problem can either be in the tub seal and the bearing kit, in the drain or just in the tub seal. If the problem is in the drain and makes the water pumped out of it, then the drain is probably damaged or cracked and needs to be replaced. If some of the bearings are worn out, the leaking of water starts.
  • If the bearing kit and the tub seal are the reasons for the leaking, then the water can leak from the tub seal into the tub bearings and the tub bearings can fail. These need to be replaced.
  • he tub seal might be ragged or old and can cause leaking water. The same can happen from above and the best option is to be replaced.
  • 25% of the customers have the problem with the leaking water from their washing machines.

What if the machine won't start?

  • In this case you can check few things, the latch switches, the thermal fuses, the timers and the electronic controls.
  • The control and the display board might need to be replaced and you can assure yourself if that is the reason by pressing the buttons on the display and seeing if all of them work.
  • You can check the timer by using multi-meter.
  • If the line fuse is the reason for the defected washing machine then this means the washer circuits are overloaded and the machine will not start. You can use the multi-meter as well here in order to determine whether the reason is the line fuse.
  • 17% of the customers had this problem with their washing machines.

Other common issues

  • If the machine won't agitate, the problem might be in the belt, the transmission, the agitator cogs, the drive belt and the coupler. 9% of the customers had the same problem.
  • If the timer won't advance then the issue might be in the drain pump, the timer motor, lid switch or the water level control.

Contacting Appliance Services will assist you in all of these issues.