The refrigerator is by right the main household machine in our life.When the refrigerator breaks down, an urgent call to a specialist is needed at home, because due to its size and difficult transportation, it is rather problematic to deliver it to the workshop.

Nowadays, it is impossible to imagine life without household machines around us. One of the main attributes of modern household appliances in a house or apartment is rightfully a refrigerator. Cooling appliances come in big and small, in various shapes and sizes, but the essence of every refrigerator is the long-term storage of food. Unfortunately, no matter how perfect a refrigerator is, it can fail to function. Breakdown of the refrigerator is not terrible, but leads to discomfort in everyday existence.

Our company carries out repairs of Dacor refrigerators at home not only quickly, but also at an affordable cost. The principle of our company: we install original spare parts, high-quality and fast customer service, feedback system. We guarantee quality. All fridge repair services are provided on favorable terms. Our specialists will quickly arrive at the place and, using modern equipment, will diagnose malfunctions in the operation of the refrigerator, and then discuss with you the job plan and their cost. We set the prices for the services of our masters in accordance with the nature of the breakdown, so we will never take too much. We provide warranties on all refrigerator repairs.

Years of experience. Appliance Repair Services company is known in the field of repair of household refrigerators for more than 10 years. The work is carried out with the involvement of qualified specialists. Our masters are familiar with all the features of modern technology, constantly study the latest equipment innovations, undergo internships at leading factories and re-certify, designed to confirm their high professional level. All this allows our employees to successfully cope with any malfunctions of refrigerators of different brands.

Over the years, we have been fortunate to work with a huge number of clients. Quality services begin with an experienced and attentive performer - that's why we select only the best for our team. We efficiently carry out repairs and make every effort to ensure that you enjoy the trouble-free functioning of your Dacor refrigerator for a long time. Contact us in any way convenient for you: phone, e-mail, social networks, instant messengers or leave an online application on the site. Our experts are always happy to provide you with qualified assistance in repairing Dacor refrigerators at home.

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