Frigidaire Washing Machine Repair

Your Frigidaire washing machine is always doing its job, cleaning your clothes, and you didn't even think about its job. Then something happens and suddenly it stops working.Perhaps it wasn’t draining properly, wasn’t spinning or the clothes come out not very clean. Briefly, your washing machine either stopped working at its maximum performance, or it simply stopped working and didn’t even turn on. For an appliance that works so hard day and night, no wonder that it breaks down every now and then. Instead of trying to fix your washing machine by yourself, it is better to call an appliance technician, who you can fully trust with fixing your Frigidaire washer.

How we work?

  • After contacting our crew and informing about your problem with the washer, we will provide you with details on how we work. You will everything what you need to know: the prices, technicians’ qualifications/experience, available dates and times for the appointment, the parts and delivery. After setting an appointment and appointing the technician, he will diagnose the problem and offer you the most cost-effective price for the repair. The repairman will have all the most common parts with himself to fix the problem on site. After the repair was done you will have a warranty, so you can contact us in a given period of time if the problem comes back, which is hardly ever.
  • All of our specialist are experienced and qualified. They attend courses and lessons to update their knowledge and improve their skills. Needless to say they are friendly, respectful professionals who arrive on time. We make sure to protect your appliances from costly repairs and unnecessary expenses by our attention to details. They will explain you fully on what was the cause and how to fix this problem and what parts are needed. You will get answers to all your questions before going ahead with a repair. The technician will start the repair job only after receiving your consent.

We strive to be in constant contact with our clients until the job is done. We care about our customers and if you need something, or if you have some questions about the repair - just let us know, we will contact you promptly. We look forward to serving you with repairing or installing appliances in your home.

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