You were going to have some snacks and found out that it is abnormally warm inside the refrigerator compartment, and the freezer part is excessively cold? Or does the compressor work continuously, although yesterday it periodically fell silent? Finding out about the breakdown of such an expensive device is not at all pleasant, is it?

The refrigerator is perhaps the most sought-after and most beloved household appliance in any home. Remember how many times a day we open the treasured door. The refrigerator today is not just a place where food is stored, an important and necessary element of the kitchen. For many, this is now a high-tech device with touch control and smart temperature control. Refrigerators today are also almost all equipped with the No Frost system, which avoids manual defrosting, which is difficult and inconvenient to do. High-end refrigerator brands also have UV lamps for vegetables and plants, and an antibacterial coating that saves from odor.And we are so used to the fact that our food is safe and at hand that we simply cannot imagine another life. And if suddenly something happens to the refrigerator, it becomes a real blow for us. Fortunately, everything is not so scary. There are specialists who know everything about refrigerators and will cope with any situation in a matter of hours. Appliance Repair Services company is a real "ambulance" for your equipment.

What we do:

Contact our team by phone or email, and get a prompt reply to your questions. To schedule the appointment for a service call we just need the following information: the model and brand name; description of the problem in detail.

We have over 10 years of experience in the appliance repair field.Experienced craftsmen of our service center will help you repair your refrigerator at home and at an affordable price. Quality work in 1st place for our team of craftsmen with experience of 10 years or more.Each master has a specialized education and is certified. Our techniciansalways carry some common parts to fix the issue on the same-day.We always have the necessary spare parts in stock.Our company only works with official suppliers of spare parts and components, so we replace failed parts with similar components that are ideal for your GE refrigerator.The service order is available around the clock. We provide a warranty for our services.

By choosing us, you get a reliable partner who cares not only about your own wealth, but also about your satisfaction. The main components of our success are quality, speed and reliability. We do not stand still, but are constantly developing in order to provide exceptionally high-quality service to our customers.

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