It is difficult to imagine modern life without a refrigerator.

The main purpose of household appliances is to make our life easier, to help get rid of routine as much as possible, to free up as many precious hours as possible in order to devote them to relatives and friends, to be with your family. Specialized shopping centers that sell household appliances and electronics are pleased to offer visitors dozens of models of refrigerators, both domestic and imported. It is hard to even imagine how our distant predecessors lived until refrigerators appeared in their homes. Due to a certain specificity, food products (objects of a protein nature are quickly destroyed when they enter an environment unfavorable for their natural state) can quickly deteriorate. In rural areas, for example, cellars were used to store meat, fish and milk, the temperature inside of which is much lower than on the surface. In addition, foods that could be stored for a long time were actively consumed - dried and smoked meat, salted lard, canned vegetables, etc.Today it is quite difficult for us to understand our ancestors - after all, in every family at present, it is the refrigerator that takes pride of place in the kitchen or in a separate pantry.

The process:

As soon as you notice something wrong with your Kenmore fridge, call our office to schedule the appointment for a service call. It is better to get it checked before it gets worse. Just explain the issue, provide the model number of the fridge and your contact details and we will offer you the most convenient time to fit to your schedule. Our technician will perform diagnostic and explain you what was wrong and what are the next steps to get rid of the problem. They will provide you the most cost effective prices and after receiving your approval they start the repair. Our specialists always carry all common parts to get the Kenmore fridge repaired same day. We only work with original parts and components.

You can be sure about our technician’s qualification. We pay special attention on technician’s education and experience. They always attend qualification upgrade workshops and trainings to always be professionals in this field. However, everyone knows that you can not be professional without proper social skills in the service field. Our specialists are friendly and polite, they put customers’ comfort first.

If you haven’t decided yet who to call to help you with your broken fridge, do not hesitate and call our team of professionals. You will get the prompt reply and get your Kenmore fridge repaired in no time.

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